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When they get out of jail, I believe they certainly should have the right to vote," Sanders continued. After Cuomo pointed out Sanders had basically written a campaign ad against himself by saying he thought the Boston Marathon bomber should be allowed to vote, Sanders doubled down on his position. This will be just another one," Sanders said while the audience laughed. Look, this is what I believe: Do you believe in democracy?

Do you believe that every single American — 18 years of age or older, who is an American citizen — has the right to vote?

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They come up with all kinds of excuses why people of color, young people, poor people can't vote. And I will do everything that I can to resist it. Sanders also made headlines for an answer to a question about whether or not Democrats should focus on impeaching President Donald Trump. Obvious to us that themes exist that would be past boring and leaning towards disgusting.

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Marketing people can argue the interest in this type of programming. Our teenagers find too much trash in social media. Some days they make time for face to face activities. At the end of the day who is mentally stronger? Those watching low level phonies or those a few steps up on the brain drain ladder? Thanks Deep ThinkingMom!

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We need to choose positive rather than rolling in the gutter. Reminds me of the old days, when people would stop or slowdown to see the carnage. We called them rubber-neckers.

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While the Roys certainly didn't spend the slow-to-start first season of the HBO drama establishing themselves as a force of good, the second season has been firmer in demonstrating the family's culpability when it comes to making the world a worse place. If the snuffing out of Vaulter was less explicitly wicked than just cruelly recognizable, the explorations of the Roy-owned Fox News stand-in ATN have been less ambiguous: As the newly installed chair of global broadcast news, Tom Matthew Macfadyen , puts it, ATN shapes the debate, and "the debate keeps on getting shaped like a burning cross.

But Brady's larger point, one equally applicable to other antihero-centric narratives, is worth considering: Does Succession undermine its own class politics by creating sympathy for its characters? It is impossible to watch the series without investing in these people.

Well, perhaps not Connor [Alan Ruck], who's embarked on a hilariously uninformed run for president that might, given the cynicism of the show and recent history, very well work out. Kendall, Roman, Shiv Sarah Snook , Cousin Greg Nicholas Braun , and the rest of the family, however, are rounded out with relatable struggles: everything from addiction to sexism to feeling like the family fuckup. The Roy siblings grew up in an environment of unimaginable privilege with little to nothing resembling normal human affection, and it's enabled them to be deliciously awful to one another as only people raised to think of life as a series of hostile takeovers can be.

And the thing is, she might be.

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While Succession 's a lot more overtly caustic about its characters than its fellow 1 percent drama Billions , it's also more tender with them, portraying their private pain and playing with viewer loyalties as different siblings rise and fall. There's a horse race quality to their competition, and a desperation to the floundering of outsiders like Tom and Cousin Greg; it's difficult not to get swept up in it all. How can you not feel for Kendall, who, having spent the first season campaigning against his father, has now been so crushed under the man's boot that he looks like a flattened husk?

How can you not understand Roman's insecurity as someone who's never been taken seriously? How can you not take some pleasure in the rise of Shiv, the daughter who's been so roundly dismissed that Roman games out his strategy in front of her without even seeing her as a potential player? But at the same time, it's hard to imagine how anyone could watch Succession and not understand that whichever of these characters might win, the rest of us still lose.

There's no good guy who, if crowned, will go on to triumphantly dismantle the most harmful parts of the Roy empire and donate its earnings to ProPublica. There's only a collection of stunted adults who see themselves as separate from the rest of humanity and who are warped by their need to get approval from a man they all at least partially loathe. While the first season of the series was more insular in how it laid out the Roys' awesomely damaged family dynamics, the second has turned outward to show the ways in which they damage everything they come into contact with — poor little rich kids or not, they give far more than they get.

Succession invites you to choose your fighter and understand that each one of them will just do whatever's necessary to shore up the company that provides them with the most power and wealth. This includes Shiv, who is, at least in theory, the progressive one, the reasonable one, the character who initially distanced herself from her family's more dreadful dealings. One minute the socialist senator is offering her a position as his future chief of staff, and the next he and Shiv are nastily parting ways over the other's hypocrisy with regard to how each of them benefits from the Roy family funds.