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These things are also pretty poisonous for our Gremlin, and when we perfect using them it will be quiet as a mouse. Rules are what will help you fight that inner discontent. The power? You will be able to focus longer after you practice focusing.

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You will be able to begin sooner, once you practice starting sooner. Again, of course, all this seems very ironic in nature, till you actually start. This lesson took me forever to learn because I consistently avoided the practice of pushing myself through tough the mental suffering of change. It was only after proving to myself, by experience, that I realized the power that comes from persistent, consistent, and effective practice.

Often our default reaction to something is so incredibly powerful that it can overwhelm all the good intention in the world. If this is where you are, you may simply have to trust the process at first. It will take some time, but right away you can experience the benefits of following these rules and proving to yourself that you can be disciplined. There is a lot of research pointing to benefits of self-discipline from kids in elementary school to adults dealing with adult level issues.

When you fail, and you will fail if this is new to you, that chaos will seem to control everything. So if you feel like you have failed, thank your Gremlin for the lesson and start again. Appreciate the kind words! Excellent insight. I have dealt with this a lot in my life. I am getting better, but right now, at the precipice of launching a new business, the gremlin is out in full force! Thanks for writing this series! My inner gremlin serves as motivation for me. Such a well written article, it brings me fleeting joy to know the pain it caused you.

I think we all experience that sort of mental friction in our chosen craft. Perfect base for a connected community. Thanks for creating and posting. Totally Deb! I remember the precise moment in my life that transition happened, and excited to break it all down in the next few articles!

Interesting Sean! Nice place on Point Loma though. I think it happens to me at both of the stages. Strangely enough I can relate and understand where you are coming from but the real question is how not to forget it? We all know self discipline and the power of why and all that good stuff but how can we ingrain it in ourself? Skip to content. Most people I know have been through some form of therapy, myself included, and I highly recommend it if you feel you need it.

If you stumbled upon this with a lingering self-destructive thoughts please visit: or call right now. This results in resistance kicking in when we try to start something new, especially something positive. These four concepts are key to keep in the back of your mind as we move forward. It is simply a part of us. Answer 1: So that I can create something of lasting value for my readers.

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Question 2: Why is it important that I do that? Question 3: Why is it important that I do that? Question 4: Why is it important that I do that? Question 5: Why is it important that I do that? There is a lot of research pointing to benefits of self-discipline from kids in elementary school to adults dealing with adult level issues The absence of discipline brings chaos. Where do you find your biggest challenge in the cycle? Getting started or staying in motion? Sean Vosler. Self-Education Review.

I loved the article man. Ready for part 2! Andrew Mulcahy. Looking forward to SL man! Do you want to know how I stay energized? Listen to this podcast to understand how I deflect negativity like Teflon. Listen on. More places to listen. Please subscribe to Be Authentic Zone!! How are you able to capitalize from your mistakes? How are you able to create success from your failures and ultimately how are you able to create a successful formula from your mess-ups. You must identify the ebb and flow to your life and your business.

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Listen to this podcast to understand what I mean. You cannot experience happiness without some sadness. Be ready for the disasters to strike. They will happen. Create a strong mindset to be prepared to go on offense as opposed to defense. Be in Attack Mode everyday. You will have moments of despair and angst along your entrepreneurial journey.

Listen to this episode to understand what I mean. Especially as a new entrepreneur. At the end of the day, you want to win and create success. Learn to condense your timeframe by getting rid of the madness that slows you down. Otherwise you will end up postponing your success.

Maximize your strengths and find your true potential that lies within YOU. The number two pillar of the 1 Mindset is the importance of Constructive Winning. Listen to this episode to understand why you need to be a better version of you and not be a better version of somebody else. You have to have courage to stay up for what you think needs to change and you have to continue to have courage to power forward in the face of adversity.

Listen to this podcast to get an idea of what I recently had to go through when it came to challenging the status quo. Stop trying to fit in and be like the masses. Stop trying to fly under the radar. Birds of a feather flock together. You were meant to fly high.

Most people think in victim mentality. If you want to be the champ, you must do what champs do. Acting and committing are two different actions. Rid yourself of the losers. Stop hanging around losers and start hanging around winners. Start hanging around the people who you want to become. I remember when I used to absolutely dread Sunday night. It was the night before going back to dreaded work. Why did my weekends have to be so short?

Are We “Hardwired” to Think and Feel Negatively?

It was the ultimate financial losing game-plan. I had to switch it up. I began to do the opposite of what everyone else was doing and started seeing newer and better results. What an amazing transformation. Let me tell you about my mindset then and now. Your attitude will determine where you go with your business. Your attitude and how you treat your customers is the experience they get from purchasing your product. Your product is more about what your customer experiences while you simultaneously solve their problem.

Positive vibes only. Bring it. No one wants to be accountable for their actions and I completely understand why. It hurts to turn the spotlight on yourself and say that you messed up badly. It hurts to go over every error that you made and commit to the fact that you messed up. Listen to this episode to understand what I mean by painful accountability. What kind of positive impact do you want to leave on the world today?

This is an important question because you were put on this earth for a purpose. Let me tell you about the experience I had when I came across a picture of someone I follow on Instagram. Becoming extraordinary at these tasks daily is what will separate you from everyone else.

How to Protect Yourself from Passive Aggression | Psychology Today

When you compare yourself to others, you lose. Now Let's Get It. What if you knew you only had so many Mondays to live? What if that number was small? Would you still be talking about how much you hate Mondays? Would you change your attitude and shift your focus about Monday? In fact, if you knew you had a limited number of days to be alive on Earth, would you even care that it was Monday? This episode will hep you to understand why today is a DAY. These goofballs litter the internet like an incurable disease. Never ever allow these fools to get to you.

Do society a favor and take the trash out to the curb. There are a billion problems that you need to solve in your business everyday as an entrepreneur. One of the things that I do when I feel overwhelmed is to simplify everything. I usually break things down into groups of three. If things become too intense or unbearable, I super simplify things down to completing one task at a time. Focusing on one task until completion. Simplifying is your tool of defense against anxiety and over complication. The game of entrepreneurialism is a tough one.

And I get it. Most people become entrepreneurs because they want freedom. Listen to this episode so you can understand the power of creating your own schedule to increase the chances of your success. Often times people worry too much about keeping a streak of consistency alive.

I get it. But we are all human. We have breakdown moments. What do we do then? What is our mindset like at that point? In this episode, I will tell you how I overcame my bout with inconsistencies and how I became the most consistent person ever. All by doing things ONE day at a time. Always be on attack mode when it comes to attacking the biggest headaches in your business. Become diligent at getting good at attacking and solving these problems and before you know it, it will become a good habit that will help you solve any problem any time anywhere.

You have to be crazy to do either. You understand that you must lead by example and not by talking. Time is crucial. You work the hardest for the smallest moments of glory. Your only focus should be on where you aspire to be and then doing the work that it takes to make that dream a reality.

Those that focus on the current and the past go backwards. Do you have what it takes? We all have strengths that were specifically given to us for us to monetize with. Listen to all of the obstacles and the unconventional things we did to make the change and get on the road to millions. Listen to the journey and this is how it went down last year. This episode is for those parents that want to start a business but are afraid to make a major move because they think their kids are holding them back. This is for you.

You can do it!! Listen to how and when I use the Hatorade to my advantage. You must also bring the work ethic. Be sure to create, sustain and strengthen your work ethic everyday! Your energy level is vital to your success. What are you bringing to the table when it comes to helping other people? Like the old saying goes: your attitude is your altitude. Inspiration and motivation come from positive people.

Are you bringing this energy into your world as an entrepreneur today? Hyper focus on being your best and understand what it takes to succeed for yourself. The biggest challenge for most people is creating a sense of urgency when there appears to be no necessity for it. What most people fail to understand is the truth about how much time they have on this Earth. This episode will help you to be consciously aware of how time flies. Ego 2. Pride 3. The need to be right all the time Do not allow these three things to stagnate your growth mindset.

Stop allowing your friends and family to rule your life based on what THEY think you should be doing. What if you knew you could never make a mistake. Would you try more things? Would you be more proactive when it comes to making things happen? Would you be more consciously aware of what you were doing as opposed to NOT wanting to make a mistake?

Habits and patterns. Never ever allow yourself to exalt yourself above anyone else for any reason. Too many people are focused on their completion and not focused on themselves. Learn to dominate the competition by first learning how to dominate your own mindset.

Most people have the wrong focus when they start out as entrepreneurs. They focus on trying to prove other people wrong and trying to just make money. A direction towards success. Most people that enter the entrepreneurial game are coming from a work life. Working a job can turn you into being a Worker Bee. Worker Bees are used to being busy as opposed to being productive. Learn to work like an entrepreneur and be productive.

This is what will separate you from the competition. Learn to work to produce and let go of working to be busy. Are you where you want to be in life right now? This question must be answered everyday. Be in control of your life. There are a litany of fakes on social media when it comes to being a true entrepreneur. The internet is filled with a bunch of wannabes. There are very few that are real - authentic - true.

To be authentic, you must be willing to show your flaws and mishaps. You must be willing to be vulnerable and show others how you overcame your trials and tribulations. You must be willing to be authentic. There will be many spectators that will tell you what to do and how to live.

This can easily become extremely distracting if you allow it to be. Minimize distractions by focusing only on you. Be better today than you were yesterday. The name of the game is to succeed and to succeed, you must keep going. No matter what. Listen to this podcast so that you can stay a leg up on the competition when it comes to having a powerful mindset as an entrepreneur. Use your strengths to your ultimate advantage. It will be something that will challenge your mindset on a whole new level. The question that needs to be answered is this: Are you ready?

Do you know what you should be working on at this very minute? As an entrepreneur, you need to be accountable for your time. Time equals money. The truth is what you need to hear. Prepare for the long haul. Be authentic to who you are. Do you, be you. Being a parent and an entrepreneur have incredible similarities when it comes to the mindset approach to each. Ego and pride are killers when it comes to attaining success. Do not allow these two demons kill your dreams of becoming successful. What you give out, you get back. I want you to be consciously aware of this from now on. You have one day.

So what are you going to do with it? Maximize every second of today towards something great. The commitment is the hardest part for most entrepreneurs. Starting is easy and being motivated and inspired in the beginning is the easy part. Commitment is the biggest challenge. The best way to be real with people is to be authentic. There are a plethora of fakes in the world today and on social media.

Be authentic. Keep it simple. That will get you money for today but always searching for money tomorrow. Instead, fix your mindset on thriving as an entrepreneur. The benefits are far greater in the long run. The problem? And apprehension kills the possibility of sales. There are a lot of people that want all the glory without the handwork. You will have to commit to it all.

Commitment is one of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs have when it comes to finding the right vehicle to monetize their strengths. We all take Ls. The key is to not focus on them but learn from them. Recognizing the pattern and understanding how to create the formula to ensure success is imperative. The ability to help others duplicate your formula to help them obtain success when you attain true success. Go all-in.

This podcast is for my entrepreneurial moms that are working hard to provide for their family and kids and most importantly those single moms who have to do the role of both mom and dad. I praise you moms. The strongest beings on planet earth! This episode is dedicated to Bryan, the Anchor Support staff member who helped me to get my episodes back on track. No one is self-made. NO ONE. Anxiety is fear based which makes a lot of people retreat and ultimately quit. Listen to this episode to understand what anxiety really means when it comes to entrepreneurialism.

Everyone has a moment of crazy when they start on their entrepreneurial journey. It happens. The question is: are you going to continue. You might as well keep going. You can talk about being the best but are you going to play offense and look to kick ass? This is key. I used to have an incredibly challenging time remaining consistent.

One of the things that helped me to stay on track was literally taking everything one thing at a time and learning how to stay focused and finish the task. That simple. Focus and finish. This attitude gets you nowhere. This kind of attitude can ruin you. Stay hyper focused on what you want and go all-in. Do you know that price and are you willing to take that emotional toll?

A setback is merely a point where you stop to gather your thoughts and regroup with your comeback. How do you do that and be impactful at the same time? This episode dives into answering that. I want you to focus on the wins. There are an infinite amount of fakes in the world today. How do you separate yourself from the rest? Be true to you. But when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you show your human side. Just be yourself. Everyone rides on a certain frequency. Be sure that you always reach up to a higher frequency level.

In other words, seek the people that are where you want to be and stay away from the people that drag you down. Fear is the number one dream killer in the world. Most people run away from fear and run right to safety when it comes to living a normal life. But why? Why be safe to live a boring mundane life when you can challenge your risks and live an extraordinary life?

I want you to challenge your risks. Your risks will no longer challenge you. You make the call. You decide the challenge. Complication creates confusion and ultimately leads to chaos. What are you focusing on right now? What is the one thing that you wish could be dealt with?

It can be challenging to talk yourself up to yourself. Society has a great way of knocking you down and telling you to be humble and grateful. How do you rise above all of the to continue a positive self-affirming conversation? Let me give you some tips. Most people will hide a lot of who they are. They are scared to allow others into their world therefore they will show a fake online impression of who they are. There are many fakes out there. Separate yourself from the fakes. We all have issues and we all have problems. Because often times people use that as the Pity Party Zone.

And then they embrace how they feel and ultimately allow their feelings to define who they are as opposed to them defining who they are. Practicing what you do everyday will create confidence. And when they do that, what often ends up happening is. Confidence comes from actively practicing at your craft. As an entrepreneur, you must always look to practice your craft daily. Life is all about making adjustments. The one who can make the adjustments the quickest and can adapt to anything is the one who always wins in life.

Stay fluid. It can be hard to embrace the process sometimes. Learn to embrace the process. Practicing your craft as often as you can is essential to your success. Embrace it. Not many people are true authentic in this world. You see it in all of meh posts, videos and podcasts. My authenticity remains the same everywhere.

Be what you want to attract. Be real. Not tomorrow, NOW. What are you doing to maximize NOW? Do it NOW. Maximize every second of every day. Get on it and get to it. We can often times fool ourselves into thinking an believing certain running lies that we tell ourselves. Listen, I used to be a pro at BS myself and others.

Listen to the BS lie that I kept going in this episode. It may sound good to say these lies but ultimately even you will become tired of your own BS running narrative. Even more importantly, you will never progress in life by not confronting the truths in your life. This is hard for most people to concentrate on. This simple concept of merely being a better version of you today than you were yesterday. This is not about rehashing your mistakes or the failures and shortcomings of your life. This is about everyday making a conscious effort to do things slightly better than you did the previous day.

Commitment is a hard thing for a lot of people. The reason is because they know that they must alter their lifestyle to get what they want. Most people have the ability to stay committed but most people are committed to the wrong things. Learn to get and stay committed to the right things. Are you ready to get committed and go all-in for what you want? There are many avenues that you will travel before you find your avenue to success. However I worked my way to a point where I hit a groove in parenting and things became easier.

Find your groove by doing as opposed to sitting on the sidelines doing research and planning. Nothing in life is easy money. Understand the challenges that you face are to make you better and they are for you to conquer. Life Made Hard? Time is money. Learn to maximize every second of everyday.

I remember as a kid that my dad would have me spell the words responsibility every time I wanted to blame someone for my actions.

How to Manage Stress? - Sadhguru

It showed me that I needed to be more aware of the actions that I was willing to take as opposed to just blaming someone for my screw ups. Whatever level of success that you reach for will include a new level of stress and madness. You have to learn to mentally deal with this before physically creating success. Listen to this episode to understand why you need pain to become successful. When you design your life, nothing is an accident to you. Everything is for a purpose.

We all hate failure. All of us. But what if you turned failure into your best buddy? What if you had a different view point on the way you approached failure? What if you took all of the times you failed and looked at them as a step closer to success?

Failure is not your enemy. Shift your mindset and make failure your friend. We all have moments when we feel completely defeated. Stuff happens. You will take some big hits and you will fall hard. The question is how bad do you want it? Procrastination kills all urgency. You have to flip your thought process. But my biggest question to you is this: do your feelings really matter when it comes to completing the task? When you stay in your feelings, you do whatever it takes to resolve how you feel as opposed to completing the task. Let me help you refocus in this podcast.

Social media trolls are to be used for entertainment purposes only. Surround Yourself With Different Friends. That stuff is for losers. Surround yourself with successful people that maximize every second of every day. Clutter is the one thing that takes away from what we should be focusing our energy onto. Trust me. Declutter everything you own. Your house, your car, your phone, your life.

Winning is essential. Finding Your Purpose in Life. Have you honestly sat down and asked yourself what it is that you want in life. Your life was meant for something greater than you can conceive. Do you know what that is? I want you to create 15 minutes of time for just you and what you want to accomplish in this life. What is it that you want to do with your life? The primary question I ask all entrepreneurs is this: What do you want? I completely get it. Be about growth.

People have a problem with the details. It used to be a huge pitfall for me. Then when I became an entrepreneur, I quickly realized the importance of the little things.


So I need to do something that separates me from the competition. Everyone has a day where their body seems to take over and shut down on them. It happens to all of us. Lots and lots of fakes. Listen to this episode to understand what your authenticity can bring you in the noisy world of social media. I get it, everyone wants to be a beast. I have these moments often. Muscle memory is created through consistent activity. Remaining consistent no matter how you feel will be the key that separates you from everyone else. The best way to create that sense of urgency is to begin by finding your purpose.

But how? I tell people to write down their top five personal and professional goals and to write down their core values. What is it that you believe in? What do you stand for? What doing you ultimately want to do to help other people? What is it that you have that will ultimately make your life a life of fulfillment. I used to have an incredibly difficult time with my goals. I had them in my mind but I never wrote down goals or spoke them into existence. I used to think that was stupid stuff. That all changed when I began my entrepreneurial journey in October I did a complete of what I was used to doing and created goals.

I soon realized that my goals were my direction in life and that I was in control of what I wanted to do as opposed to leaving stuff to chance. Write down goals and say them out loud everyday. Your life will change if you go all-in on your attack. They will do whatever it takes to knock you out of flight and keep you grounded.

They need to make you give up to make themselves feel better about giving up on their dreams. Get away from these people. Your dream is NOT their dream. They allow fear to dictate every move they make and ultimately they live a safe and boring life as a result. Listen, you will not die from your mental fears.

Attack fear. Stop running away from it. Yes, you read that right. Stop watching the game and get in the damn game. Your time is now. You need to get off the couch and make things happen. Stop pondering and just go for it. You Only Live Once. Most people loathe change and I get it. They want to be as comfortable as possible for as long as they can. Comfort is the second biggest killer to your dreams. Fear is number one.

10 Powerful Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

Force change in your life to get you more of what you want. I used to have a problem with people unfriending me on social media sites. My problem was that I was taking things personal instead of realizing that it was a good thing. People actually get into fights over this kind of stuff. They take it too personally. When people unfriend you on social media, take it as a good thing. Surround yourself with eagles. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people that are always looking to level up. Doing the bare minimum. The unfortunate thing is this concept took hold of every aspect of my life.

My job performance suffered, my love life suffered and my kids suffered because Daddy was doing the bare minimum in everything. It was all about MY comfort level. That book lit a fire under me and snapped me out of my comfort coma. I became a beast at doing nothing but work and enjoying the fruits of my labor. You were born on purpose for a purpose. The one thing most people have difficulty managing is time.

The comfort zone makes people lazy. I know this because the comfort zone was my all-time favorite place to be. Once I exited the comfort zone, things happened. I was maximizing my time and I was getting what I wanted. A lot of people woke up today with the Case of the Mondays. I used to as well. I was just working to pay bills and not working towards my purpose.

The best way to find your purpose is to write down your top five personal and professional goals and go for them. Take action. Stick to your core values. Design the life you desire by living your purpose. Be mentally ready to be challenged in your personal Hell or be ready to settle for mediocrity if you choose to run away from greatness. A lot of times we surround ourselves with the wrong people. Your attitude counts. If you want something different, first you must change your attitude and then commit to being the change.

When you do these two things, you change your world immediately. People try to justify their losing by saying silly things. Learn and understand the importance of winning in everything you do. Too many times we perseverate on our past. We allow our past to define who we are and we get stuck in it. We are unwilling to move forward because we are so stuck in the past.

This episode will help you to keep your eyes and your mind solely on your future. Who cares about your past. Focus on what you can control: your future. Your dreams are your dreams. No one will approve you to go after your dreams. This was a primary issue of mine.

I had a problem going after what I wanted and waiting for my friends and family to approve what I wanted to do. My issue was that I put way too much stock into what my friends thought about my decisions and ultimately ended up never accomplishing anything.

I allow you to approve yourself. You need the courage to step out on your own and surprise yourself. Consistency is a battle I fight everyday. I win most of the time but sometimes I take some Ls. I used to be terrible at being consistent. In fact, I used to say that I was consistent and being inconsistent. I never got anything done and I never gained any traction with anything. Therefore, I was constantly frustrated with my progress. When I began reading books on successful people and saw what made them successful, I began to emulate the same traits.

Regret will catch up to you. Believe me. It happens to everyone. You want no part of regret. It is painful. It hurts. This comes about because of fear. And this is completely normal. Listen Up!! The entrepreneurial game has turned into a sideshow. More like show and tell. It was basically a One-Up Show. But the authentic ones such as myself can separate the real from the fakes. You want to know about what true entrepreneurialism is?

Here you go. Listen carefully. Too many times, people think they need to feel like doing something in order to make progress. That is a complete fallacy. When you do this, you are able to create muscle memory. Attack Them. I used to hate problems. With a passion. I just wanted a day of no problems. An easy going day. I wanted many easy going days. Well that never happened. And I began to get discouraged in life. I began to think to myself that my lot in life was to suffer. Once I realized that problems were challenges that I needed to defeat, it was game on. I had a different approach. I started looking for problems and soon you know it, I began leveling up exponentially.

Listen to this episode to understand why your problems are the challenges that you need to defeat. I used to invest energy into the wrong things. I was all about needing to feel comfortable in every moment of my life. It woke me up from my comfortable stagnant state and turned me into a productive working beast!! In this episode, I tell you about the amount of energy I put into going out with my buddies to downtown Chicago and why that energy was the same as The 10X Rule.

Your perspective can impact your thoughts everyday. I used to have a great attitude but often times my perspective was negative and thus would impact my approach to do things. What if you could change your perspective? What if you could simply change your thought process of how you perceived a situation from a different vantage point? Before I began my entrepreneurial journey in October , I used to think self-development was completely corny. I never sought after it. Until I signed release papers from Schaumburg School District 54 and found myself out of a job.

I wasn't winning in life and I wanted to know how the winners win. This is when I began to include self-development as a part of my daily routine. Listen to how my routine plays out in a day. Friday used to be MY day. Especially if it was a hard week at work. But as time wore on, I got tired of the same thing giving me the same results.

It was a broken plan. I finally decided to change that in October Appreciate where you are currently in life. Be ready to receive your blessings. Most people hang on to friends that they know are bad for them. Toxic friends. Why do people do this to themselves? I know why - I used to do the same damn thing. I was forever seeking approval from my friends. Like I needed to be validated for my purpose in life. It drives me insane. I use these silliness skills to bring joy and happiness to peoples lives.

There are so many people that lack energy that are in desperate need of a shot of good energy. Look, be the change. I would keep myself busy just doing things and not focusing on productivity. Being productive would be saying, I made cold calls today. Busy work bores the mind.

Productive work keeps the mind focused. Be productive. Often times we work against ourselves. The funny part is that we invest an incredible amount of energy into creating something new without understanding that it may have previously been created. My rules for a successful product are simple: 1. Copy the format that made it successful. Tweak it to make it your own. Put your own spin to it.