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What a lovely tribute to Ed, Tracy! He was such an influence, and so talented, wasn't he? And I think you chose an excellent example of his work. I'm glad you liked it so well. Like Bill, I hadn't come across this author before, but have been impressed by the tributes and comments, and must try him. There is a lot of variety in his writing, from what I hear, Moira. He does some horror, some westerns, and some of his writing is very dark I hear. And lots of short stories.

I don't think I have anything either, maybe something on the Kindle. I don't think you've tempted me with this series to be honest. I have a book from the Jack Dwyer series, which I will be trying sometime soon I hope. The one I have is supposed to be darker; maybe that would appeal more to you, Col. I need to read some of his short stories, although I hear they are darker also than most of his longer fiction.

Tracy, I missed out on the Ed Gorman tribute over at Patti's due to home renovation and Diwali holidays. I'd been a longtime follower of his blog and liked his narrative style in the two books I read, one of which was a western. Based on that I think he created characters with dignity and compassion. Sounds like you have been busy, Prashant.


I have a week off from work and am relaxing for a while. I will definitely be trying one of Gorman's Westerns. Yep, heard of Ed Gorman and sorry to hear he passed away. I'm sure to have several of his mysteries in my tbr mountain somewhere. He wrote such a variety, Keishon.

I have not tried any of his western novels or his horror stories, but I will. Although horror is not my favorite type of reading. Kingston Pierce November 1, at PM. TracyK November 1, at PM. Chesapeake Crimes: Fur, Feathers, and Felonies. The Home Girls. Olga Masters. Saint Monkey: A Novel. Jacinda Townsend. Somehow There Was More Here. Danny Goodman. Ghost On The Landing. Eleanor Allen.

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