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Raw Obedience 53 5.

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Back to the Streets 67 6. Defying Death 75 7. Learning to Run 87 8. Wild Trust 97 9. Pure Passion Bringing Orphans Home The Real World Epilogue To put it more accurately, there are few people in the world I fear as much as Tracy. I realize that may not sound biblical to some, or even healthy, yet the most honest expression of my heart is I fear God in Tracy. It is not because she has an intimidating presence or imposing personality.

She always comes as a servant to all. But she is one of the most thoroughly converted individuals I have ever met. Her life is an offering, continuously poured out for the glory of God. She is what I call God-possessed.

Everything is about and for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. No exceptions. Outrageous Courage is a brief record of Tracys very full life. But even that is a gross understatement. It is really about God, His love for people, His goodness and His incredible work in and through one yielded vessel. It is certainly not about a perfect person.

That becomes clear pretty quickly. It is about a perfectly wonderful God who is capable of doing infinitely great things through finite people. That is the brilliance 9. And that is the brilliance of this book. It is filled with intrigue, danger, faith, miracles and Gods mighty deliverances. There is no question, it is God who is amazing. But those who walk in this level of obedience look a lot like their Father amazing!

I was moved when I saw the title for this book. It does not seem possible to come up with a better title for a book about Tracy than Outrageous Courage. Never has there been a time where supernatural courage is more needed than today. It is no longer optional. One of the most wonderful, almost unexplainable byproducts of reading this book is that people will grow in courage. These kinds of God stories impart something wonderful into the heart of every hungry person who reads them.

They supply the people of God with a fresh understanding of God Himself, as His ways are revealed in His works. They also invite us to embark on a similar journey, just to see how outrageously the Lord is prepared to touch humanity through any yielded vessel willing to be used to display His extreme goodness. I am convinced that books of this nature are some of the most important books being written.

I have watched Tracys life for more than thirty years now. She has been consistent from day one. Her growth is astonishing, especially when you see the environment she willingly places herself in, time and again. She illustrates that the greatest growth in Christ happens not in a sterile, classroom-type environment, but in the dirty places of this world, where life and death are everyday realities, where if God does not intervene, we will fail, even die.

Outrageous courage

This is the lifestyle Tracy has chosen to live. It is the lifestyle of His greatest pleasure. Outrageous Courage will not disappoint. Read it hungry, and you will finish it hungrier. It does more than satisfy; it It is bound to be used by God to raise up a new breed of believerloving, simple, relentless and filled with faith; for nothing is impossible with God. Many thanks to Kris Vallotton for insisting that her story get written.

While Tracy continues to live a full expression of the Gospel, she has lived more for Christ in the years recorded than most people could live in several lifetimes. They made the dream of this book a reality. May the Kingdom of God continue to advance, until the King Himself comes! Tracy Evans. I bridged the threshold of the church door just in time to see a young, skinny tomboy awkwardly hopping off the bike. Little did I know that the course of my life was about to be altered forever.

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Hi, Im Tracy Evans, she said with a warm smile. I extended my hand to greet her. My name is Kris. We exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes, but Tracy seemed guarded and uncomfortable as our conversation grew more personal. I found myself quickly intrigued by her. She seemed a little mysterious. Something about the way she carried herself captivated me. I bombarded her with questions to try to figure her out; she must have felt as though I were interrogating her.

She managed to duck most of my inquiries, but this only fueled my curiosity. Despite her private manner, before long Tracy and I became very close friends. She spent many evenings at our house, where we talked about God deep into the night. I had never met anyone so hungry to know Jesus.

Outrageous Courage: What God Can Do with Raw Obedience and Radical Faith

She seemed possessed by the love of Christ. And although she did not look tough or hard, she was the bravest person I had ever met. Tracy literally had no fear of death. Hanging around with someone who truly did not care if she died was a challenge, to say the least. She would go out in the middle of the night and look for transients under a bridge or in some dangerous alley just so she could talk to them about Jesus. I mean, the girl was nuts! Many times she would lead people to Christ and then take them home to her humble, one-room apartment and let them stay there.

She would stay at our place, so we would often wake up in the morning to discover that Tracy was sleeping on the couch in our front room. Every day was an adventure with Tracy.

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She was not only brave; she had the kind of faith in God that I had only read about in the Bible. Living around her was like hanging out with David and his mighty men. Consequently, miracles happen through and around her nearly every day. The truth is, I would not have believed her stories if I had not witnessed many of them myself. Eventually, Tracy gave her apartment to the homeless and moved in with our family. She shared a bedroom with our two young daughters and had a huge impact on all our children.

In fact, when Jaime was fourteen years old and Shannon was twelve, Tracy talked us into letting them smuggle Bibles into communist Chinajust one of the countless terrifying situations she put us in with her exploits. God will protect the girls, she argued at the time.

And if they die, theyll be giving their lives for something that really counts! Of course, Tracy never thought these feats were a big deal, which only served to make me feel like a coward. Our daughters, however, shared Tracys zeal.


We never tried to talk them into some radical adventure; they were the ones pushing us to let them go! On their way home from China, they called to try to talk us into letting them spend the rest of their lives helping the Chinese people. I finally had to put my foot down to get them to come home. To this day, Jaime, Shannon and our son Jason are all in full-time ministrya tribute to Tracy and her adventures. Through the Years Many years have passed since that fateful day when that young, courageous gal came into our lives, but nothing has changed with Tracy.

A couple of years ago, the phone rang while I was in church. I looked at the caller ID and realized it was Tracy calling from Africa. I slipped out of the sanctuary to answer her call. Hi, Tracy! How are you doing? I pressed. Im doing fine, she replied joyfully. But I called to ask you to pray for my Mozambican friends. I could hear a zinging noise in the background, so I asked, Whats that noise, Trace?

Oh, thats what Im calling you about. Rather, great courage is about knowing something else is far more important than being fearful. Why do we allow our fears to keep us stuck and shut us down? Why do our fears dissolve our confidence and tap into our energy? How can we let a great deal of our anxiety extinguish our enthusiasm and steal our dreams? We face fear in different ways.

Our lack of awareness causes us to continue choosing fear over developing courage and confidence. We pick it over achieving the greatness that awaits us the moment we start living fearlessly. Today, I want to focus on failure. By the end of this article, you will learn why you need to tame your negative inner dialogue and be courageous. Only then can you create the mindset of a champion. Consider one area of your life where you feel dissatisfied. You know what must happen to turn your vision into reality. In the present, though, you are stuck and paralyzed.

Courageous Bloopers 'Out-rageous'

You are unable or unwilling to make a move. Fear of failure will steal your dreams and cause you to settle. It can create unending regret and disappointment. It can turn your unlimited life into unrealized potential! Regardless of where you are in your life, you have a vision. You know what to do. It is so high and impenetrable that you are perpetually stuck in one place.