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Jamie Oliver jerk dish a mistake, says Jamaica-born chef Levi Roots

The Believers are But Brothers, a work in development by Javaad Alipoor, explores the true life story of a young man held on terrorism charges in the US. It is dark, unsettling and playful. The production celebrates the human drive to continue in what can feel like an increasingly remote reality. Sit back, eat individually wrapped, luxury cake, and see a man gradually relinquish the delusion that he matters in the slightest… And then go back to watching kitten videos on Facebook.

TheLast Straw Sometimes bad decisions have to be made. Sometimes there has to be a voice that tells the most lies. Sometimes there is no light at the end of tunnel. Sometimes there…. The company are making this show from scratch a month before the opening and we guarantee there will be an outcome. They have some ideas, a few broken lights, a piece of a set and half a track of music.

We promise you something will happen on stage on the above date. Writen and performed by Danyah Miller Directed by Dani Parr Designed by Kate Bunce Multi-award-winning storyteller Danyah Miller explores the complex and often imperfect relationship between mother and daughter. Another young black man dies in police custody. Apparently no-one is to blame. Its exploration of the way young black men are treated by the police in Britain today draws directly from stop and searches experienced by Urban Wolf.

An earthy story of courage, conviction and hope, this is Joan of Arc. Packed with guts and heart, JoAn is the latest daring fusion of lyrical new writing and cabaret prowess from the multi-award winning Milk Presents.

Levi Roots life story to be made into film

A fearless solo play with uproarious songs about what it means to stand out, stand up and stand alone. Supported using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england, and BBc Performing arts legacy fund. We are so happy to see you all here. But it doesn't matter, you all look This wonderfully playful, intimate and ultimately moving show… constantly pits idealism against self-interest and pragmatism.

Two performers — one Greek, one French — dance and shout, cry and sing, agree and disagree, about life in the Eurohouse.

Developed with the help and support of Bios athens, Bristol ferment, mayk and cPt. Supported using public funding from the national lottery through arts council england. She spends most days battling the armies of doom in the safety of her own mind, but as a powerful voice turns her forest home into a place of fear, she starts to ask questions which make the adventure dangerously real.

Follow her journey as she encounters wolves, pirates, mermaids and a stormy ride through the skies in a quest to challenge the greedy Corporation. Filled with live music, shadow puppetry and clowning, Moonshine introduces a female hero for a modern generation of all genders.

At Ovalhouse this half term we have found a much better use for newspaper than just reading it… we are going to make it come to life! Puppetry is all about focus, teamwork and giving life to your imagination. Dealing sensitively with grief and loss, the show asks how we cope when things go missing.

You are welcome to bring your own picnic lunch to eat in our cafe, so why not join us for puppet-making in the morning, and after lunch stay to see Frank Feelbad! The evening will feature a post show feedback session where you can share your insights into the direction of this new work. My girlfriend says this makes me like a tree that all dogs want to piss up.

Slow man tree. My Granddad taught me how to listen, and one other valuable lesson. The show will be something else entirely. A new one-person live literature experience by award-winning poet Nick Makoha. Totally normal town. Total powder keg. With the front door sealed and no signal on her phone, she realises she is not alone. Is Miles her means to get back to the world and reclaim her existence? From the team who brought you The Diary of a Hounslow Girl. We live in a time where old orders are collapsing: from the post colonial nation states of the Middle East, to the EU and the American election.

Through it all, tech savvy and extremist groups rip through twentieth century political certainties. Javaad Alipoor spent time in this online prism, exploring the blurry and complex world of extremists, spies, journalists and fantasists, and in this short scratch performance, starts to weave together some of their stories. Following the success of her debut solo show on The Edge of Me, Ovalhouse Associate Artist Yolanda Mercy is back with a coming of age comedy which features live music, audience participation and a special guest from your local community.

Are you ready to explore the Quarter Life Crisis? Supported by ovalhouse and arc Stockton.

An impressive performance from Ofori, deftly directed by Kate Hewitt. No experience necessary. Come and spend a year with Ovalhouse getting professional training and hands on experience in arts leadership. Join us on a journey through time. Open to the public. School groups welcome. Ideally suited for year olds. In addition to performance work, Yolanda strives to break down the barriers in access to the arts by leading workshops. Anxiety, like its friend depression, thrives in isolation. Many independent artists work without the support structures of fulltime employment and, in times of vulnerability and anxiety, have to deal with this alone.

Sessions are free to attend for members and each facilitator of a session will receive a fee from Extant. If you are visually impaired and have some experience of performance or in theatre, and are interested in joining the Exchange, please contact Extant at info extant. Then that adoption divests it from the widow and vests it in the adopted son". The authorities in my opinion clearly establish the view that an adoption puts an end to the widow's estate as fully and effectually as her death.

Such being the rights of an adopted son who on adoption claims under a title paramount to that of the widow and divests her of the estate she held, the question is whether the widow who alienates properties without any legal necessity and the alienee from such widow have any rights or equities which would entitle the alienee to possession as against the adopted son. I find it difficult to see how the purchaser from a Hindu widow who has only limited powers of alienation and who alienates property without any necessity or justifying circumstances such as would bind the reversioners after her death or re-marriage can invoke any principles of Hindu Law or any equity to prevent the adopted son whose adoption has put an end to the widow's estate just as effectively as her death or remarriage from claiming possession of properties which were alienated.

I can see very little equity in postponing the adopted son to a purchaser from the widow who contrary to the principles of Hindu Law and the directions of Smithy writers alienates the estate for no necessity. Whatever may be the nature of the estate taken by a Hindu widow succeeding to her sonless husband it is clear that her powers of alienation are restricted.

Cavaly Venkatanarayanappa 8 M. So far as the texts and Smrithis go they do not countenance the view that a widow can make a valid alienation of any kind or to any extent without justifying necessity and no distinction is drawn as to alienations purporting to be for her life-time only. The text of Katyayana is specific and enjoins her to keep the bed of her lord unsullied to enjoy with moderation his estate and pass it on to his heirs. Brihaspathi observes that she has not got property therein to the extent of gift, mortgage or sale except for spiritual or religious purposes. The restraints on powers of alienation by a Hindu widow are based as pointed out by their Lordships of the Privy Council in The Collector of Masulipatam v.

On the contrary the limitations imposed and the reasons given for the imposition thereof show to my mind clearly that such an idea was repugnant to the minds of the Smrithi writers. So far as judicial decisions go all they decide is that a Hindu widow may deal with her interest in the property inherited at the pleasure so long as such dealing enures for the term she is entitled to the estate as widow succeeding to her sonless husband and no prejudice to the reversion is caused thereby, See Muthu Naicken v.

Srinivasa Iyengar 1 M. The title of the alienee is therefore incapable of being defeated by any superior title arising during the widow's life. That the estate of the widow is not an indefeasible life estate but only an estate durante viduitate is clear.

The Diary of a Hounslow Girl Audiobook | Ambreen Razia |

It is not disputed that the adopted son would divest the widow of all the properties which remain unalienatedat the time of the adoption and it is well settled law that her remarriage will have the same effect so far as the reversioners of her husband are concerned. It is difficult to see how the widow can under these circumstances be said to have an absolute indefeasible estate in the property inherited by her from her husband during the term of her natural life.

If she has not got such an estate it is still more difficult to see how any alienation by her can last a moment longer than the cessation of the widow's estate either by death, remarriage or an adoption which certainly divests her as completely as if her husband had left a male issue. To speak of any portion of the estate which has been alienated by her without any legal necessity as having been " lawfully severed" for the period of her natural life is with all respect unsupported by any texts of the Hindu Law or any principle of Hindu Jurisprudence.

It has not been suggested by any body that a gift of the whole or any part of the estate would if made prior to the adoption disentitle the son to claim possession from the donor. As pointed by Chandavarkar, J. There seems to me to be no real analogy between the position of a father to whom a son is born after an alienation and a Hindu widow who adopts under authority of her husband after making an unauthorised alienation. Though the fiction of constructive pregnancy through permission to adopt has been exploded by a series of decisions, the adopted son on his adoption becomes the son and heir of hia father and the adoption has retrospective effect in so far as it divests wholly or partially the estate of all persons whom he would have either excluded from the inheritance or shared with.

The estates held by a sonless father and a Hindu widow with authority to adopt are essentially different in nature and extent, and the difference has been pointed out by Chandavarkar, J. Papamma I. So far as reversioners are concerned their position is quite different from that of an adopted son.

Till the death of the widow or the termination of her estate it is impossible to say who are the persons who will be entitled to succeed as heirs to her husband as the property under Hindu law descends to those who would have been heirs to the husband if he had lived up to and died at the moment of her death.

Thadam Pathithavarkal - Aachi Manorama Special - [Ep 30]

When however the widow makes a valid adoption a son is by fiction of law born to her husband the moment she adopts and he by virtue of his sonship succeeds immediately to his father's property as effectually as if he was a posthumous son. The facts of the case are fully set out at pages to of the report and the judgment of the High Court appears on pages to of the report. It will be seen that the adopted son sued to set aside a perpetual lease granted between the date of the death of his adoptive father and his adoption and recover possession.

Various contentions were put forward which are fully dealt with in the judgment of the High Court.

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One of them was that the lease was executed by the mother-in-law of the widow acting as her guardian and that as the lease was not repudiated by her it must be taken to be the act of the widow and consequently limitation began to run as against the adopted son only from the death of the widow. If the view taken in Sreeramulu v. Krishnamnta I. The following passage in the judgment of their Lordships of the Privy Council shows that they were of opinion that the right to possession arose immediately on adoption.

If the putni was void the period of limitation ran from the date on which it was granted under Regulation II of as amended by Regulation II of which was then in force. But if it was voidable only by Brajewari's successsor the right of action arose on the adoption of Banwari Lall and time would begin to run against him from the date when he attained majority in Ganesa Aiyar in the course of his able argument that the question as to the right of the adopted son to set aside the alienation of his adoptive mother did not arise for determination as the Courts were only concerned with the lease granted by her mother-in-law acting under an anumati patra granted by adopting widow's father-in-law.

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  • A reference to the judgment of the High Court which deals with every possible alternative case or contention and the judgment of the Privy Council which deals with the point of view most favourable to the plaintiff and treats the lease as one by the widow making the adoption shows that the aspect of the case now before us was considered. It is no doubt true that the decision in Sreeramulu v.


    In Sivagnanam Servaigar v. Ramaswami Chetti 22 M. In Amrita Lal Bagchi v. Jatindra Nath Chowdry I. Radhabhai I. Hari Jagoji 8 Bom. Nil Batan Mukerji I. The view taken was that as the adopted son divests the estate of the widow and becomes entitled to possession immediately he is adopted and not on her death, Article of the Limitation Act has no application as it only provides for cases when the person suing is entitled to possession on the death of the female.

    In Kancharla Venkatraman v. Koganti Venkatramiah 27 M. Waman 03, Harek Chand v. Bejoy Chand Mahtob 9 Cal.